PHS Handicap

ORWA Handicap System

The ORWA Performance Handicap System (PHS) is very much like the system used by many clubs for performance handicapping. ORWA is very grateful to Ross Dennis for managing these handicaps.

  • Penalties are 1.5% for a win, 0.75% for second, with both penalties halved if 5 or less boats are in the fleet.
  • The remainder of fleet is then divided by 3, with first 1/3 eased by 0.15%, second 1/3 eased by 0.3%, and last 1/3 eased by 0.45%.
  • DNF's are eased by 0.15%.

There are no manual or arbitrary adjustments made within the algorithm with the possible exception that new boats entering the fleet will be monitored for their first 5 races and may be manually adjusted during this time to more quickly find their place in the hierarchy.


ORWA Handicap and Registration Application

A boat’s handicap expires on 31st August each year. The owner must register their yacht by completing the online ORWA revalidation form at least 7 days prior to the first race they enter each season.  After completing all required fields in the ORWA revalidation form a yacht will be allocated a PHS. When using the system again for future years, information will autofill and may be updated where needed.  

The measurements required on the form may be taken from a boats currently valid IRC certificate if it has one.
A boat’s ORWA Handicap remains valid for a season unless:- 
1.    An alteration is made to the hull, rig, sail dimensions or ballasting. Immediately any change is made the boat’s handicap is invalid. You are required to notify the ORWA handicapper through your Club Delegate or Sailing Administrator of the  change (s) before racing again.
2.    There is a change of ownership. The new owner is required to submit the new information.
3.    To compete in any ORWA event you must have a current ORWA handicap.

ORWA Boat Measurements

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