Safety Auditing and Special Regulations

Safety Audit and Special Regulations

Australian Sailing Special Regulations

CLICK HERE to visit the website and view the special regulations for keelboats. 

Australian Sailing Information - FAQ on auditing

CLICK HERE to visit the AS website - Auditing frequently asked questions.

Equipment Compliance Form (audit form)

CLICK HERE to visit the website and download the Australian Sailing audit forms 

  1. Contact your home Club sailing office for assistance to make a booking with a qualified auditor.
  2. The club will provide an equipment compliance form number to the auditor to use. 
  3. When the audit is complete and signed by the Person in Charge and the Auditor, the form must be lodged with the boats home Club sailing office. 
  4. The Club will validate the equipment compliance form number, this must be written on the top of each page of the audit form. 
  5. For ORWA races, the yacht must upload a copy of the valid equipment compliance form to their TopYacht profile. 


Complete a safety audit for your yacht to comply with the Australian Sailing Special Regulations for the highest category of safety that you wish to race under. Be aware that some races may carry a category ‘plus’ (+) meaning there are additional requirements, these will be listed in the individual race notice in the ORWA Handbook. 

A valid audit form will not have any outstanding items. For example if a life raft is to be hired, this outstanding item must be confirmed prior to the auditor signing off and confirming the audit form. 

ORWA provides a form for additional items for Cat 3+ races.
For example, this means a boat may race with:

  • a valid Cat 3 audit for the season.
  • plus an additional items for Cat 3+ form (this will be available on the 'Registration and Boat Forms page')
  • and attach any life raft certificates of re-inspection forms to their boat profile when a life raft is hired for a race. 

Safety audit forms are available on the Australian Sailing website. You should first complete a self check prior to making a booking with an Equipment Auditor to ensure that your boat is prepared for the auditor to complete the check in an efficient manner. 

The completed form, signed and dated by both the owner/person in charge and the equipment auditor will be given a unique number by your Club. It is the owner/person in charge’s responsibility to ensure the original form has been lodged with the Club and the number placed on the form prior to entering your first race of the season. A copy of the form must be kept on board your boat and the boat’s equipment kept fully operational and to the required standard at all times. 

Equipment Audit Forms are valid for one year.

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